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canada goose outlet store The CEU Seminar, “Laughing Your Way to Wellness,” was presented by Colleen Caron, RNC, MC. Ms. Caron has over 20 years of experience as a psychiatric nurse and has a Master’s of Science in Health Administration. Myrtle Beach KOA, a campground, has 250 empty campsites available for evacuees in need of somewhere to go. A spokeperson from the campsite says they have only received 2 calls as of 2:45 Saturday, so plenty of spaces are still available. They offer two free nights, and after that, they will evaluate the situation as well as where the guests are from to go fromNo swimming advisory in place for Myrtle Beach due to rip current risksNo swimming advisory in place for Myrtle Beach due to rip current risksUpdated: Saturday, September 9 2017 11:43 AM EDT2017 09 09 15:43:14 GMT(Source: Myrtle Beach Police Twitter)Myrtle Beach Police announced via Twitter that swimmers are only allowed to be in knee deep waters on the beach Saturday. canada goose outlet store

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