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cheap Canada Goose The current squad is rock solid. The squad canada goose sale Canada Goose Outlet, not just the 1st choice team, as evidenced against Swansea. The owners are very rich, they have just invested modestly to date. “I’m am worried about Bicester. The same is true of all of the other areas of Oxfordshire with big housing projects; primary care is under pressure.”A KONP spokesman added: “It is a very worrying situation. People need to be sharply aware of the fact that we have this fluidity and instability in primary care.”Patients formerly registered at Bicester North were being signposted towards four other surgeries in Bicester: The Health Centre in Coker Close, Victoria House in Buckingham Road, Langford Medical Practice in Nightingale Place and Montgomery House Surgery in Piggy Lane.In October Victoria House and Langford merged with a view to eventually working under one roof, reportedly for financial reasons.While none of the practices in the Bicester area currently have closed lists or waiting lists there are concerns they will not be able to cope with increasing demand.Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group spokeswoman Vicky Brandon said: “OCCG is working closely with Cherwell DC on how the growth may be managed.”At the moment the practices are able to absorb growth as houses are being built, but we are currently working on where the tipping point may be.”It follows concerns that patients were not re registering following the closure of Deer Park Medical Centre in Witney, which closed at the end of March this year.Why is any County Coucil running the NHS? Total farce cheap Canada Goose.

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