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Curly and straight hair are very different. Straight hair is easy to run your fingers through, it’s easier to comb. But curly hair tends to be more dry, it’s more thick. Anyway what I do believe in is knowing people that have an interest in your field of interest,the more the better so you can not only help each other out on different things but also have opportunities made available to each other when someone needs the help. This is a wonderful thing indeed. Another big one in my world is personal self esteem, I do believe that if I want to do something or know how to do something that I either already know how to do it or I can find out how to do it.

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David Hamilton


Also mourning his passing is his father, Terry Harvie. Connor was the pride and joy to grandparents Barbara and Tony Mazi and grandson to Erma and Herb Harvie. His memories will be honored and cherished by Aunt Carla (JoJo) and Uncle Bill (Billy) Vaughan and he will live on in the hearts of his cousins Mallory and Megan Vaughan.

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Sunday morning kicks off the overall men’s start in Sacramento. After crossing the Sacramento River over the Tower Bridge, the race will pass through West Sacramento to River Road. From there, the competition follows the winding Sacramento River through the towns of Clarksburg, Courtland and Walnut Grove.

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